Wedding Lighting

Brighten up your special day with an ambiance and grandeur that only a specially designed lighting arrangement can achieve, leaving your guests mesmerized.

Professional Wedding Reception lighting

One of the major parts of wedding decorations is the lighting. The wedding lighting aspects should be strategically and carefully installed without posing a risk and illuminate the space that announces the event’s auspiciousness. At Lumenex, we ensure offering the best light decoration for weddings of every kind resulting in an elegant and classy appearance. Trust us to turn your wedding day lovely and well-customized according to your theme-based wedding decor.

Why use professional services for wedding lighting?

Whether it’s a high-profile wedding venue, urban warehouse, beach wedding or destination wedding in a Victorian architecture venue, proper lighting makes every venue look better. Since lighting decoration requires many electrical lighting fixtures, without professional skills and knowledge, one can’t control the whole lighting system without the possibility of potential dangers.

The Lumenex Illumination team has the professional experience and expertise to carry out various lighting designs and setups. So we can create lighting solutions to match your wedding theme atmosphere and enhance the look of your venue. Since we have all the professional equipment to avail you of high-quality service, we follow all safety guidelines and regulations to operate the lighting equipment minimizing the risk of accidents or damage to the venue. Lighting wedding venues can be stressful. Hence hiring a professional lighting service can take out that stress, so you can focus on other core aspects of your wedding.

Our wedding lighting options

Lumenex has worked with many couples to transform their wedding theme and atmosphere into the perfect ambiance for their big celebration. Our team can delve more into your wedding thoughts about illuminations and bring them to life with our team’s lighting design

As a nature of our wedding lighting services, we price every job individually according to the client’s specific requirements rather than at a flat rate. We can gladly offer you free and no-obligation quotes for wedding lighting needs.

expertise. Our clients are in charge of all the specifications of the wedding lighting décor, while we, as lighting specialists, can offer you indoor or outdoor wedding lighting options.

Lumenex lighting technicians can illuminate the tree’s ceilings, dance floors, stages, canopies and more in your wedding venues to make it a memorable celebratory event while maintaining safety at the venue. Contact our team now to know additional information on all your wedding décor possibilities.


The Right Light Can Make Anything Extraordinary.
Let Us Prove It.