Our Services

Customized outdoor lighting installations and more.

Our combination of innovative thinking, creative designs, and attention to detail, ensures we bring your vision to light.


At Lumenex, we install every type of low voltage outdoor lighting, using every type of technique, on every type of surface- it’s as simple as that! Our team of professional installers are certified and experienced at leaving beauty and elegance on every home we step foot on. Our landscape lighting designs and technique are sure to give your home an elegant restoration, that will naturally enhance its curb appeal, while providing long lasting safety and security. Whether it’s simple pathway lighting or creating an outdoor living space suitable for all your gatherings, Lumenex promises to leave you with a functional outdoor living space and lustrous new environment.


With our proactive maintenance program, not only can you expect an overall longer life expectancy of your installed outdoor lighting system, but fast repairs that will have your outdoor space looking as good as the day it was installed, whether it was installed by us or not! Our professionals will conduct a full walkthrough and thorough inspection of your landscape lighting system to ensure all bulbs and integrated fixtures are operating within their expected capacity, connections are watertight, wires free of kinks, and that all bulbs and fixtures are clean and appropriately positioned. Don’t let accidents and mother nature interfere with your beautiful outdoor lighting design. Contact us today.

Event Lighting

Have a special event that you want to be unforgettable? Lumenex can make that vision come true with our custom, event lighting design and installations. Our team of creative designers will work closely with you and event planners to ensure we create the exact ambiance and environment you desire. From bistro and string lights, to custom up lighting installations, our designers will leave you and your guests speechless. Whether you already have a design you want brought to life, or are looking for concepts and inspiration, Lumenex will be there with you every step of the way for all your event lighting needs.


Tired of high electric bills and constantly having to replace bulbs? The solution is simpler than you think. By contacting Lumenex, we will seamlessly upgrade your existing outdoor lighting system from incandescent/halogen to LED, saving you time AND money. With a rated life expectancy of 50,000 hours, (50x higher than incandescent bulbs), LEDs are inevitably the most efficient source for low voltage lighting today. To put it into perspective, to use 50,000 hours of an LED (if used 8 hours a day), it would take 17 years! With the lower costs, superior efficiency, and smooth integration with smart home devices, upgrading your landscape lighting system is a guaranteed way to see your property in a whole new light.

Wedding Lighting

One of the major parts of wedding decorations is the lighting. The wedding lighting aspects should be strategically and carefully installed without posing a risk and illuminate the space that announces the event’s auspiciousness. At Lumenex, we ensure offering the best light decoration for weddings of every kind resulting in an elegant and classy appearance. Trust us to turn your wedding day lovely and well-customized according to your theme-based wedding decor.

Outdoor Audio

Outdoor audio adds serenity and a blissful environment that is sure to keep your time spent outside more enjoyable. Our weatherproof systems provide a variety of configurable options, giving you complete customization and precise aiming of high-quality audio for maximum coverage and enjoyment. Even better, the speakers tie into your low voltage outdoor lighting system, so you maintain superior sound, without spending more money on your monthly bill. Outdoor audio is ideal for any outdoor luxury space, and a must have for those that love to frequently entertain and host unforgettable gatherings, year-round.

Commercial Lighting

Our commercial lighting service is quintessential for employers looking to make their business tastefully stand out from neighboring establishments. It’s important to note that the rationale behind the importance of outdoor lighting for residential properties, does not change when dealing with commercial real estate. In fact, the success and growth of the business depends on it. Accentuation the architecture, main entrances, and signage is key to augmenting a new client base. Illuminating ones branding with commercial lighting is a marketing technique that every successful business owner should invest in.