Frequently Asked Questions

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The method of activating your outdoor lights is completely up to you. The simplest way is to have our installers integrate a photocell and/or timer during the installation. The photocell will turn your lights on just before sunset and off just before sunrise. As the name implies, a timer will turn your lights on at whatever interval you please. A third option, is to utilize a combination of the two, should you desires to have the lights automatically turn on at sunset, but off prior to sunrise. Rest assure, Lumenex will provide you with a multitude of options and assist you in determining which choice is best for you.

If this is how you would like to control your new outdoor lights, then of course you can! Our team of technicians are highly experienced in the innovative technology that seamlessly integrates our systems with all smart devices, giving you full control, right at your fingertips, no matter where you are!

Simply put, a transformer is what is most commonly used with low-voltage outdoor lighting, to make it just that – low voltage. The transformer is connected to an outdoor receptacle, and converts the 120 volts from your home, to 12/24 volts. The transformer is considered one of the main components to a landscape lighting system, and is the principle reason for the cost efficiency to home owners. With that being said, transformers come in many shapes and sizes, and its extremely important to match the appropriate transformer with your particular design, as each landscape lighting project is unique.

Absolutely. Every one of our fixtures is waterproof. However, it doesn’t end there. Not only are our fixtures waterproof, but they are rated to be continuously immersed in water. Furthermore, all of our products are also rigorously tested to protect against intrusion and foreign objects such as dust, soil, pests, etc. Rest assured that at Lumenex, we carry only industry leading products that have stood the test of time and thorough testing before making it onto your property.

The majority of the fixtures we choose to carry and install are made of solid cast brass. Compared to lesser quality brass fixtures, this kind of brass is higher in copper, and lower in zinc. The higher copper content makes the metal less susceptible to cracking, and increases the overall strength of the metal.
You bet they do – A Lifetime Warranty. Each and every product we use is engineered to preserve optimal performance for a lifetime of hassle-free outdoor use. This means, same-day claims processing, and expedited replacement parts, at no charge to you. Contact us to learn more about the industry’s best warranty!

The impact an outdoor lighting system will have on your electric bill, will be extremely minimal. Now, every system is different, so it is difficult to give an exact number; however, we can get a rough estimate. Let’s assume an average sized system, utilizes 15 lights – installed with 3 watt LEDs – and running for 6 hours a night. Now, the current average price for electricity in the DMV, is approximately 11 cents/kWh.

3 Watts x 15 lights = 45 Watts per hour.
6 hours per night = 270 Watts used each night.
270 Watts per night x 365 days per year = 98,550 Watts
98,550 Watts/1,000 = 98.55 kWh

98.55kWh x $.11/kWh = $10.84 per year!

Now if that’s not minimal, we don’t know what is!

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