Holiday Lighting For The MD, VA, DC Area!

Let Your Holiday Spirit Shine Bright This Season.

Days Left 'Till Christmas


Take Your Holiday Display to the Next Level!

Show off your holiday spirit and allow us to bring your vision to life from this season on. The holidays are supposed to be just that, a holiday! No longer do you need to climb those ladders without out the proper safety equipment. No more walking that steep and slippery roof line. You can finally avoid the unpredictable forecast, running wires along your property, and landscape. We are here to not only provide with a BRILLIANT holiday experience, but to allow you to focus on the things that really matter, like family and the festivities.
Landscape Lighting Installers

Roof Lines, Ridges, Doors & Windows

Avoid damaging the eaves and siding of your home by allowing us to professionally install your lighting. Leave the dangers of accessing those hard to reach windows and roof ridges to us.

Trees, Paths, Bushes & All Landscaping

Trees, Paths, Bushes & All Landscaping

We measure and calculate exactly how much wiring is needed for your unique property. We then climb the tallest trees and crawl in the smallest bushes, to make sure we bring your vision to life.

Commercial Buildings, Shopping Centers & HOA's

Commercial Buildings, Shopping Centers & HOA's

Attract more customers by showing off your holiday spirit! Whether it's a mall, restaurant, or HOA community, our artistic designs are sure to leave your guests and residents feeling like they're in a winter wonderland.

How the Process Works


After we collaboratively design your holiday lighting, leave the hard part to us. We will install the lights, fixtures, and ornaments to bring to light your vision and make you the envy of the neighborhood.


We guarantee not only our work, but our products, which is why we offer maintenance on your décor throughout the entire season. Did a light go out? No worries, just call us and well be there within 24 hours!


Since our main goal is to provide you with a carefree holiday experience, our crew will also take down all the décor and neatly package them in an organized fashion. The same lights can then be easily located and installed the following year. Just one more way we help you avoid any hassle each season.


It gets even better. We will also store all your holiday lighting and décor in a temperature regulated facility until the following year. Then next year we will come out at the start of the season. So, you can kick back, sip your hot chocolate, and watch us recreate your winter wonderland all over again!

Get Your Free Consultation Before We Are Booked For The Year

Our holiday season can get quite busy, but luckily there is still time! Take the stress out of your holiday, not only for this season, but for those to follow. The Christmas Spirit is only one call away!